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tree of life mosaic, glass on glass, reclaimed window, upcycle, trash to treasure, grout

Tree of Life

The tree of life reminds us of our universal connection to the Mother Earth and our dependence on her to grow and flourish.

JDASH Design

Reflections of Love

May the love you give be reflected upon you!

JDASH Design
Rona2020 I think we all were able to learn a little bit more about ourselves and this drove the inspiration for my design. The way the virus is spread and how our actions can affect others and that we are all in this together @jdashdesign

Rona 2020

My first covid project was inspired by the way the virus is spread, the way our actions can affect others and the understanding that we are all in this together.

*This piece was also my first official sale and launching point for JDASH DESIGN.

JDASH Design


My tree of life was even more beautiful than the photo could convey. It was packed and shipped and arrived quicker than I expected. Thoroughly happy with my purchase!

Marc D


Rachel T

I love my red wind spinner, in fact I just ordered a second wind spinner in a different color.. Beautifully crafted, quality material and just so wonderful to look at and enjoy!!

LuAnn B